Associate Professor Ian Conrich

Contact: Ian Conrich

    As a guest lecturer, programmer, consultant, and curator for study schools, film festivals, themed weekends, workshops, and adult education, Ian has collaborated with regional cinemas across the UK, including Harbour Lights Cinema, Southampton, the Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Clocktower Arts and Media Centre, Croydon, Cinema City, Norwich, Watermans Arts Centre, London, and The Dukes cinema, Lancaster.

    1. 17/6/17 - Guest introduction and post-screening discussion to White Lies, for Origins – Festival of First Nations, Rich Mix cinema, London.
    2. 2/11/13 - Guest introduction and post-screening discussion to The Elephant Man, The Courtyard, Hereford.
    3. 1-3/9/11 - Curator for a series of guest talks and film introductions, for The Horror of London, screenings on the theme of horror films set in London, held at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon.
    4. 31/10-2/11/08 - Co-curator of a festival of International Gothic films at the Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling. Included introductions to screenings, guest talks, and the chairing of a panel discussion, with novelists and filmmakers including Louise Welsh and David Blyth.
    5. 04/02/99 - Co-course leader for a day school on the science-fiction film, held at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.
    6. 09/02/98 - Co-course leader for a day school on the horror film, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.
    7. 11 & 12/05/96 - Course leader for Future Attractions, a study weekend on science-fiction films, Clocktower Arts and Media Centre, Croydon.
    8. 20/04/96 - Course leader for a study day on the British horror film, Watermans Arts Centre, London.
    9. 30/01/96 - Course leader for a study day on the action film, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester.
    10. 25/11/95 - Course leader for Cinema of Exploitation, a study day at Harbour Lights Cinema, Southampton.
    11. 29/10/94 - Course leader for a study day on film noir, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester.
    12. 30 & 31/10/93 - Course leader for Sinister Stares: Film and the Gothic, a study weekend at Watermans Arts Centre, London.
    13. 20/02/93 - Course leader for Grave Undertakings, a day school on vampirism in films, The Dukes cinema, Lancaster.

    Guest introductions

    1. 31/10/04 - Guest introduction to screenings of Halloween and In the Mouth of Madness, The Other Cinema, London.
    2. 29/10/94 - Guest introduction to a screening of Electra Glide in Blue, presented at the Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester.
    3. 10/09/93 - Guest introduction to the premiere of the new print of Eraserhead, presented at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.