Associate Professor Ian Conrich

Contact: Ian Conrich

    External referee

    Ian has been a member of the Peer Review College for the AHRC. He has also refereed submissions for Cambridge University Press, the British Film Institute, SUNY, Blackwell's, Routledge, Berghahn, Palgrave Macmillan, Manchester University Press, Edinburgh University Press, and the journals Cinema Journal, Theory, Culture and Society, Body and Society, Post Script, Palgrave CommunicationsCritical Arts, Horror Studies, The Contemporary Pacific, Social Semiotics, Film and Philosophy, Gothic Studies, Information, New Media and Society, Studies in Australasian Cinema, and New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film.

    External assessor

    As well as being an external examiner for 7 PhDs, Ian has been an external referee for professorial promotions and applications for tenure. His work in both capacities has followed requests from universities in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Reunion Island.

    • January 2011, St Mary's College of Maryland - external referee for promotion to Professor
    • October 2010, Hampshire College, Massachusetts - external referee for promotion to Professor
    • November 2008, University of Victoria, Canada - external referee for an application for promotion and tenure.
    • October, 2008, Massey University - external referee for an application for promotion to Associate Professor.
    • November 2004, University of Wisconsin-Parkside - external referee for an application for promotion and tenure.

    PhD external examiner

    • December 2012, Macquarie University - for a thesis Behind the sounds: The evolution of film soundtrack roles in Australia and New Zealand
    • 7 December 2012, University of Avignon - for a thesis Some people said that tribes stopped exisiting in the 1970s: The Maori Gangs of Wellington
    • 28 November 2009, University of La Réunion - for a thesis Cinema, Colonialism and Identity. The Birth and Development of Sri Lankan Cinema, 1896-1966
    • October 2008, Murdoch University, Australia - for a thesis Do You Come From a Land Down Under? The Antipodes and its Popular Culture
    • September 2008, University of Waikato, New Zealand - for a thesis New Zealand Cinema and Cultural Identity
    • 6 March 2002, University of Kent - for a thesis Literary Influences in the Work of David Cronenberg
    • 22 March 2001, University of Bristol - for a thesis 'Through a Glass Darkly'. Simulated Horror in Film: An Aetiology and Audience Activity

    Research Masters external examiner

    • January 2008, Murdoch University, Australia - for a thesis, Spiegelbild: Seeing our Reflection in the Art of H.R. Giger