Contact: Ian Conrich

    Ian has worked extensively with the British, New Zealand, Australian, Indonesian and Chilean governments. Working predominantly with foreign affairs, and culture, heritage and education ministries, he has been a consultant, events organiser and after-dinner speaker. This has included, in more than an eighteen-year period, the Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Deputy High Commissioners, and Consulates at the New Zealand and Australian High Commissions in the UK, the British High Commission in New Zealand, the Chilean Embassies in the UK and Australia, the Australian Embassy in Austria, and the New Zealand Embassies in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Turkey and the Netherlands.

    • 2009. As curator of the New Zealand Film Festival, in Israel. With Hamish Cooper, Ambassador for New Zealand to Turkey, on the opening night in Tel Aviv.

    • 2008. At the opening of the Centre for New Zealand Studies, for which Ian was Director, at Birkbeck, University of London. With (from left to right), Sir Don McKinnon, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Jonathan Hunt, High Commissioner for New Zealand to the UK, and Sir Graeme Davies.

    • 2005. At the University of Kent, receiving the Rahera Windsor Award for New Zealand Studies from Suzanne Blumhardt, Deputy High Commissioner for New Zealand to the UK.

    • 2006. At University Paris Dauphine, as co-organiser of a New Zealand Studies conference. With Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand's Foreign Minister.

    • 2006. At the New Zealand Embassy, Paris, at a reception following the New Zealand Studies conference. With Sarah Dennis, Ambassador for New Zealand to France.

    • 2010. As curator for the Easter Island exhibition at Canning House, London. At the opening night reception with (from left to right) Cristian León, Cultural Attaché for Chile to the UK, Martyn Harris, and Roy Smith.

    • 2009. As curator for the New Zealand film festival in Wroclaw, Poland. At the government reception with Dr Penelope Ridings, Ambassador for New Zealand to Poland. From left to right: Brian McDonnell, Shona McCullogh, Donogh Rees, Craig Potton, Robert Sarkies, Christine Parker, Leon Narbey, Peter Wells, Ian Conrich, David Blyth, Penelope Ridings, Oscar Kightley, Roger Donaldson, Whit Carter, Sarah Davy, Tory Straker.